5 Tips for getting the most out of Rehabilitation

Follow these 5 simple tips to get you back to living your everyday life pain free!

1. Arrive on time

It is always wise to get to your appointment a little earlier so you can sign in, get changed, use the washroom etc. Therefore, starting your appointment on time.

2. Choice of clothes

When you arrive for a scheduled appointment try to opt for loose and light fitting clothes that are best for exercising and are easily accessible to your injury site. For example, bring a change of clothes with you if you are coming directly from work.

3. Communicate with your therapist

Do not be afraid to voice your questions or concerns with your therapist. We are here to help you recovery as efficiently as possible. The stronger the patient-therapist relationship is, often times, the more successful your treatment outcomes will be.

4. Follow instructions

Whether it is wearing a knee brace, avoiding impact activity for a predetermined amount of time or executing daily exercises/stretches, always trust your therapist. Try to follow their prescribed advice for an optimal recovery.

5. Be patient

Healing unfortunately does not happen overnight. We are attempting to change a or many cellular adaptation(s) that have manifested either over time or as a result of injury. Your therapist will provide realistic goals and objectives with you. Be proactive, prevent injury, stay healthy and keep an active lifestyle. If you are an active individual, schedule in for regular performance care. If you are the average Joe, schedule in for regular functional care. Accidents and injuries will occur but do not wait too long before getting a professional to examine the issue. The earlier one arrives to start treatments in relation to when the injury occurred will drastically affect the outcome significantly in positive manner. Versus an injury that has had two years to manifest becoming increasing more difficult and time consuming to treat and normalize function.

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