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Teams / player(s) will begin with a scheduled appointment and run through several functional tests to evaluate the current functional status in relation to their respective sport. Following, a thorough full body assessment, evaluating joint mobility, muscular integrity, muscular firing pattern, optimal muscle recruitment, core strength, joint integrity (ligaments, tendons….etc), proprioception (balance ability) and functional movements of the upper extremities and lower extremities. Each appointment will be one hour in length to ensure the athlete is adequately assessed.



The scheduled appointment is completed by a registered healthcare provider. At which point a file will be created on the respective player. If issues are discovered, a plan is developed to restore the dysfunction and return to competition accordingly. This will prevent any dysfunction from escalating into a serious injury. Also, having a player already on file allows for treatment to occur quickly should an injury arise, minimizing wait times, ease of bookings and a most advantageous return to sport.

All sport assessments are covered under extended health care plans through the respective disciplines

NOTE: If a player is injured, for example, in an Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) soccer event, hence, training, game or tournament the athlete is entitled to coverage under the OSA. For Hockey, the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) would cover as supplemental coverage. For all other remaining sports please inquire with the governing sport body about supplemental coverage if an injury should arise. Most often, plan rules dictate that third party/extended health care plans have to be exhausted (if a player has them) prior to utilizing this supplemental coverage.



P4 will ensure athletes can function at the best of their abilities and provide optimal performance on and off the field. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure a player’s level of body awareness is optimal to protect performance.

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On completion of the sports assessment, recommendations and / or treatment strategy are then discussed and considered.